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Like everywhere else throughout Continental Europe, people drive on the right side of the road in Hungary.
Speed limits are posted in kilometers-per-hour, with 50kph being the maximum speed within towns and cities (except in marked zones),
countryside speed limits vary, but there are no autobahn-style highways without a maximum speed.

Within Budapest, there are no roadway tolls, but drivers who use Hungary’s motorway network must pay for a pass (available at gas stations),
with enforcement regulated by video cameras – if you pass by a “MATRICA VIGNETTE” sign and have no pass, exit the highway as soon as possible.

Please, before you travel, read the informations about toll-free sections, toll categories and type of e-vignette here.

The official national Hungarian currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF).
All the major credit cards are accepted in Hungary in places displaying the emblem at the entrance.
Though Hungary is a member of the European Union, only a few shops and restaurants accept Euros (EUR) for payment.
Currency exchange booths are available in Budapest at the airport terminals, railway stations, travel agencies, banks and various places in the city.
The exchange rates applied may vary.
Click here to see the actual official exchange rates.

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